David Del Mastro Fully Exonerated



Deltro Electric just issued the following press release after my cousin David was fully exonerated against the accusations made by Elections Canada:

David Del Mastro Acquitted of All Charges

Brampton ON – In Reasons for Judgment issued today, the Honourable Justice Ready of the Ontario Court of Justice acquitted David Del Mastro of all charges laid against him by Elections Canada. After carefully reviewing all of the evidence presented, the trial judge held that the direct evidence presented by the Crown was exculpatory of Mr. Del Mastro’s involvement in any illegal behavior and, instead, and pointed to a disgruntled former employee being responsible for the alleged donation compensation scheme. The trial judge found that the former employee had acted out of revenge for being demoted, and orchestrated anonymous leaks to the media and then hid behind an immunity agreement before cooperating with Elections Canada.

Speaking after Court, Mr. Del Mastro stated: “I am greatly relieved this matter is finally concluded. I maintained from the outset that I was innocent of any wrongdoing”.

Mr. Del Mastro’s lawyer, Scott K. Fenton of Fenton, Smith Barristers, stated: “This was a resounding acquittal. The trial judge did not pull any punches in holding that Elections Canada’s main witness, who got immunity, provided wholly unreliable testimony. It was vindication day for Mr. Del Mastro”