Wynne’s 8% cut on electricity.

So, we are going to save up to $130 a year.  My, how generous of Kathleen.  That will fix all of our financial problems for sure.  All the thousands of people who had their electricity cut off will now be able to pay their bills.  Oh, and they will get a new daycare space as well…  Wow.  That’s wonderful.  Thank you Kathleen.  You really grew a heart all of a sudden.

So, what does this newfound generosity do for small businesses that are struggling to keep their doors open?  Absolutely nothing! http://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/leamington-restaurant-struggles-to-cope-with-hefty-hydro-bills

What will it do to curb the loss of industry due to high energy costs? Again, absolutely nothing!  http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/economy/ontario-drives-manufacturers-away-with-overpriced-electricity/article14854752/

This move might gain some support from the trained seals and the bleating sheep in Toronto, but those of us living outside of that giant fantasy land are getting tired of working for nothing.  Canadians just get screwed at every turn and I for one am sick of it.  We pay among the highest rates for cell service, internet, cable/satellite, and utilities.  Ontario is now paying more for electricity than some communities pay for electricity generated by diesel!  Meanwhile, our forever greedy executives at Hydro One, are raking in millions in salary and incentives for running the most inefficient disaster of a utility company.

Scandal after scandal after scandal has piled up billions in debt and we poor sheep are left with the bill.

And what does Kathleen do?  She offers some of us the PST back.  Where do you think this loss in revenue will be made up?  That’s right folks, it will be added to all of our tax burden.  Like the Liberals always do, she has tried to buy us off with out own money.  Will you be fooled?  Will you support the most corrupt government in the history of Ontario for another term?  Will you bleat in blind acceptance of this fraud of a rebate?

Come on people.  PLEASE throw off the yoke of slavery.  Stand up and be heard.  Let them know we wont put up with it anymore.

I leave you with this eye opening video, demonstrating just how stupid Kathleen and company think you are.  Just try to make heads or tails out of their answers. Brown asks Wynne about a $100 delivery charge for a $0 usage bill.


Electoral Reform

Why is Maryam Monsef wasting our time and money on town hall meetings on Electoral Reform when it is clear that the Liberal party doesn’t give a damn about our opinion on the matter. They intend to ram this through no matter what Canadians think about it. They also don’t give a damn about fair representation. This whole process is just to make sure that no right leaning party will ever form a government again. In short, this is not a reform of the electoral process, it is a hijacking of the electoral process.

Lets have a look at the survey they have been using.  http://www1.canada.ca/en/contact/survey.html

Notice the wording.  They want us to believe that the electoral system we have been using in Canada for 150 years is somehow broken.  (A system used world-wide since the days of ancient Greece.)

The 5 guiding principles

Listed below are the five guiding principles which make up the foundation of our Canadian electoral reform process. When evaluating potential changes to our electoral system, how would you rank each principle? Where one (1) is most important and five (5) is least important.

Effectiveness and legitimacy

Restore the effectiveness and legitimacy of voting, such as by reducing distortions and strengthening the link between voter intention and the electoral result;

Restore it to what?  We have ALWAYS used the first-past-the-post method.  Effectiveness and legitimacy?  Are you saying that no government since confederation has been legitimate?


Encourage greater engagement and participation in the democratic process including by underrepresented groups;

Voting in our county is voluntary and always should be.  If your sheeple wont get off the couch to vote, then you have not done your job as a potential member of our government.  It is YOU who must engage.  YOU who must give people a reason to go out and vote.

Accessibility and inclusiveness

Support accessibility and inclusiveness of all eligible voters, and avoiding undue complexity in the voting process;

I really don’t know how you could possibly make voting more accessible.  There are always volunteers driving people to the polls, polls set up in hospitals and senior residences, mail in polls, advance polls.  Elections Canada does a very good job of making elections accessible.  As for inclusiveness, I have yet to see any exclusions based on race, gender, religion, or disability.  Undue complexity?  Really, what the hell???  If putting an X beside the candidate of your choice is too complex, then maybe you shouldn’t be voting.


Safeguard the integrity of our voting process;

I like this one.  They want to safeguard the integrity of our voting system by changing it to one they like better.  Priceless…

Local representation

Preserve the accountability of local representation;

By installing someone that the majority of the electorate in the riding did not vote for I assume.



15 – 24
25 – 34
35 – 44
45 – 54
55 – 64
65 +

I would predict than very few under 30 or over 50 will be filling this in. The younger crowd cant be bothered and the older likely couldn’t even find this form to fill it in…

Which group(s) do you most identify with?

Indigenous people
New Canadians
Person with disabilities and exceptionalities
Person from remote or rural community
Person from humble socio-economic backgrounds

I know men are evil and should not have a voice here, but really, can’t I at least have to option to identify as one? I mean, I am older, and suffer from asthma and arthritis, but I am too young to be a senior and not ready to identify as disabled. I haven’t spoken French since 1978… Well, I guess I will have to choose Person from humble socio-economic backgrounds…


Why was it important for you to join us today?
To bare witness to the destruction of our electoral system.
What idea did you hear today that you think could inspire more Canadians to participate in our democracy?
Everything I saw and heard inspires me to convince everyone I know to fight this reform, and to get out and vote Conservative in the next election.
What does healthy democracy mean to you?
A healthy democracy is one where the government does not meddle with the election results, or try to stack the system to favor themselves in future elections.
How would you rate today’s gathering? On a scale of one to ten, where one (1) is very unhelpful and ten (10) is very helpful.
Select your response
X  The gathering, by using this form, is worthless.  Where is my choice to vote no?  Is this not a democracy?  
Do you have any additional thoughts you would like to share with us?
Please, if you have a shred of democracy in you at all, listen to the will of the people.  We were already asked by ballot if we wanted to reform our electoral system and the majority of Canadians said NO.  That is the will of democracy.  Please respect it and scrap this plan.  <— End comments on form

They like the word democracy but seem to have no understanding of the meaning.  It means basically, rule of the majority.  Those who want to reform our electoral system do not believe in the rule of the majority.  They also have severe math related problems when faced with more than two choices, so if one party gets 34% of the vote and wins, they claim that 66% of Canadians did not vote for that party.  While that may be true, 66% did not vote for either of the other major parties or they would have won.

Perhaps they would like us to have endless coalition governments where bribery and graft will be the only way to get anything done.

Maybe the Liberals are just afraid that after their term is up, and they have not delivered all the solid gold goodies they promised, that the people will come to their senses and vote them out.

Proof that they do not intend to listen to Canadians wishes and ram their “electoral reform” down our throats.

David Del Mastro Fully Exonerated



Deltro Electric just issued the following press release after my cousin David was fully exonerated against the accusations made by Elections Canada:

David Del Mastro Acquitted of All Charges

Brampton ON – In Reasons for Judgment issued today, the Honourable Justice Ready of the Ontario Court of Justice acquitted David Del Mastro of all charges laid against him by Elections Canada. After carefully reviewing all of the evidence presented, the trial judge held that the direct evidence presented by the Crown was exculpatory of Mr. Del Mastro’s involvement in any illegal behavior and, instead, and pointed to a disgruntled former employee being responsible for the alleged donation compensation scheme. The trial judge found that the former employee had acted out of revenge for being demoted, and orchestrated anonymous leaks to the media and then hid behind an immunity agreement before cooperating with Elections Canada.

Speaking after Court, Mr. Del Mastro stated: “I am greatly relieved this matter is finally concluded. I maintained from the outset that I was innocent of any wrongdoing”.

Mr. Del Mastro’s lawyer, Scott K. Fenton of Fenton, Smith Barristers, stated: “This was a resounding acquittal. The trial judge did not pull any punches in holding that Elections Canada’s main witness, who got immunity, provided wholly unreliable testimony. It was vindication day for Mr. Del Mastro”

Dear Peterborough

Dear Peterborough,

On April 5th it will have been 17 months since I stood in the House of Commons and resigned my post as the Member of Parliament for Peterborough.  It was an unjust and cruel ending to a career that I cherished and passionately poured every ounce of my ability into for almost nine years.  While I know there are those that believe that I did exceed my personal donation limit and by virtue of that failed to report campaign spending that placed me above the spending limit, I am thankful for the many thousands of my constituents, friends and neighbors that continue to believe in me and extend their support.

I have deliberately had little to say about the matter publicly since my resignation.  As many know, two days after Justice Lisa Cameron made her ruling my daughter Charlotte was born giving Kelly and I new purpose while renewing my determination to be the very best that I can be each and every day.  My two girls, Kelly and Charlotte, are the light of my life and I cherish every moment that we are together.

Peterborough, Peterborough County and the incredible people that call this place home remain near and dear to my heart.  This is my home, the only home I have ever known and I am so proud to say so.  While I have deliberately taken a necessary step back over these past months from public view and public events, you can trust that before long I will be back working to make our community stronger just as I did before and during my time in office.  While I have always worked hard going all the way back to my days as a child on the farm, I am well aware that I am also a blessed and fortunate person and as such will always do my very best to give back and to help others.

I believe in our country, our province and our community and I will always advocate for initiatives and ideas that I feel will lead to a brighter future and fight against those initiatives and ideas that I believe lead to a lesser tomorrow.    Political issues and public policy have always mattered to me and that is never going to change.

As I read in court, Theodore Roosevelt famously remarked “Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure , than to take rank with those poor spires who neither enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory or defeat.”  In this regard it goes without saying that I have known both victory and defeat, always in pursuit of a stronger, fairer and more prosperous tomorrow for those that I love, for my community and my country.  The threat of failure has never deterred me or lessened my determination to do big things.  I’m proud of the many things in my life, big and small, that I have achieved particularly those on behalf of my beloved Electric City Region and my country; to an even greater degree I’m proud that when given the chance that I dared and dreamed mighty things.

I remain forever grateful.

Dean  Del Mastro

What has happened to the Progressive Conservatives?

In three elections they were beat in Ontario in spite of scandal after billion dollar scandal with the Liberal party. In every case the PC candidate made them self unelectable by coming up with a campaign promise that conservatives just will not vote for, or something that so inflames the labor unions that they do more campaigning than the candidates.

Now we have Patrick Brown who rose to the leadership of the party by appealing to the conservative base. His policies seemed to come right out of the conservative playbook. Now he seems to have adopted a new playbook.  One written by Liberals and socialists. He has actually joined in on the global warming money grab and is talking about ‘pricing carbon’. The pricing of carbon is a negative Robin Hood measure that will rob from the poor and give to the filthy rich. There is no such thing as a revenue-neutral tax. The very idea of it is just nonsense.  If they collect it from you, it is revenue regardless of what they blow it on.  It wont go back into your pocket.

Retailers and manufacturers hit by this tax will pass it on to Consumers. They won’t have a choice.

I don’t know if he is deliberately sabotaging the next election but he’s doing a good job of it. I know he thinks he has a majority of party members behind him but no true conservative will ever vote for such leftist nonsense.  I am not saying they will vote for a different party but just like  in the last election they will stay home rather than go out and vote.

I’m usually not one for conspiracy theory however it is looking an awful lot like the party is filled with liberals bent on preventing the PCs from ever retaking power in this province. One look at what has happened to the Alberta Conservative Party is enough to make me think that it is a liberal strategy to infiltrate and take over the provincial Conservative Parties to prevent them from ever winning again. Or in the unlikely event that they do take over control again there will be enough liberals in place within the PC party to prevent anything useful being done during their term in office or implement Liberal objectives and call them Conservative.


Just one look at the logo tells me that this is a party that has lost its identity.  The only colour they left out is orange, but then I guess the NDP hasn’t invaded the party yet.

I’m thinking the next membership drive might prove interesting…

Ontario Pension Plan

Or should I say, Ontario rip-off plan.  Seriously, anyone who thinks this is a good idea, please give your head a good shake.  This is just another Liberal scam that will suck billions of dollars out of the economy.  The Liberals have shown themselves to be such poor managers of our tax dollars that I am CERTAIN that there will be little or nothing to collect the from this fund.  This will be just another slush fund the liberals will use to make their friends rich.  Imagine all the nice cozy jobs there will be for fund management.  Who do you think will get these jobs?  What percentage of the contributions will be swollowed by the ever hungry burocracy with ridiculous salaries, benefits and pension  plans.

I have, should I live so long, about 10 years to retirement.  I have heard that I will not even be able to collect anything from the pension fund, or that the amount will be so small that it will be a waste of paper to print the cheque.  If anyone can dig up some actual numbers, please do.  The only thing I can find is the sunny figures they posted for those who work 40 years.

While most of the liberal media has painted a rosy picture of the pension fund, the national post hast been critical.


So, what do you think?  Will this help us out, or will it just add more hardship to employers and kill jobs?