Wynne’s 8% cut on electricity.

So, we are going to save up to $130 a year.  My, how generous of Kathleen.  That will fix all of our financial problems for sure.  All the thousands of people who had their electricity cut off will now be able to pay their bills.  Oh, and they will get a new daycare space as well…  Wow.  That’s wonderful.  Thank you Kathleen.  You really grew a heart all of a sudden.

So, what does this newfound generosity do for small businesses that are struggling to keep their doors open?  Absolutely nothing! http://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/leamington-restaurant-struggles-to-cope-with-hefty-hydro-bills

What will it do to curb the loss of industry due to high energy costs? Again, absolutely nothing!  http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/economy/ontario-drives-manufacturers-away-with-overpriced-electricity/article14854752/

This move might gain some support from the trained seals and the bleating sheep in Toronto, but those of us living outside of that giant fantasy land are getting tired of working for nothing.  Canadians just get screwed at every turn and I for one am sick of it.  We pay among the highest rates for cell service, internet, cable/satellite, and utilities.  Ontario is now paying more for electricity than some communities pay for electricity generated by diesel!  Meanwhile, our forever greedy executives at Hydro One, are raking in millions in salary and incentives for running the most inefficient disaster of a utility company.

Scandal after scandal after scandal has piled up billions in debt and we poor sheep are left with the bill.

And what does Kathleen do?  She offers some of us the PST back.  Where do you think this loss in revenue will be made up?  That’s right folks, it will be added to all of our tax burden.  Like the Liberals always do, she has tried to buy us off with out own money.  Will you be fooled?  Will you support the most corrupt government in the history of Ontario for another term?  Will you bleat in blind acceptance of this fraud of a rebate?

Come on people.  PLEASE throw off the yoke of slavery.  Stand up and be heard.  Let them know we wont put up with it anymore.

I leave you with this eye opening video, demonstrating just how stupid Kathleen and company think you are.  Just try to make heads or tails out of their answers. Brown asks Wynne about a $100 delivery charge for a $0 usage bill.


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