What has happened to the Progressive Conservatives?

In three elections they were beat in Ontario in spite of scandal after billion dollar scandal with the Liberal party. In every case the PC candidate made them self unelectable by coming up with a campaign promise that conservatives just will not vote for, or something that so inflames the labor unions that they do more campaigning than the candidates.

Now we have Patrick Brown who rose to the leadership of the party by appealing to the conservative base. His policies seemed to come right out of the conservative playbook. Now he seems to have adopted a new playbook.  One written by Liberals and socialists. He has actually joined in on the global warming money grab and is talking about ‘pricing carbon’. The pricing of carbon is a negative Robin Hood measure that will rob from the poor and give to the filthy rich. There is no such thing as a revenue-neutral tax. The very idea of it is just nonsense.  If they collect it from you, it is revenue regardless of what they blow it on.  It wont go back into your pocket.

Retailers and manufacturers hit by this tax will pass it on to Consumers. They won’t have a choice.

I don’t know if he is deliberately sabotaging the next election but he’s doing a good job of it. I know he thinks he has a majority of party members behind him but no true conservative will ever vote for such leftist nonsense.  I am not saying they will vote for a different party but just like  in the last election they will stay home rather than go out and vote.

I’m usually not one for conspiracy theory however it is looking an awful lot like the party is filled with liberals bent on preventing the PCs from ever retaking power in this province. One look at what has happened to the Alberta Conservative Party is enough to make me think that it is a liberal strategy to infiltrate and take over the provincial Conservative Parties to prevent them from ever winning again. Or in the unlikely event that they do take over control again there will be enough liberals in place within the PC party to prevent anything useful being done during their term in office or implement Liberal objectives and call them Conservative.


Just one look at the logo tells me that this is a party that has lost its identity.  The only colour they left out is orange, but then I guess the NDP hasn’t invaded the party yet.

I’m thinking the next membership drive might prove interesting…


Ontario Pension Plan

Or should I say, Ontario rip-off plan.  Seriously, anyone who thinks this is a good idea, please give your head a good shake.  This is just another Liberal scam that will suck billions of dollars out of the economy.  The Liberals have shown themselves to be such poor managers of our tax dollars that I am CERTAIN that there will be little or nothing to collect the from this fund.  This will be just another slush fund the liberals will use to make their friends rich.  Imagine all the nice cozy jobs there will be for fund management.  Who do you think will get these jobs?  What percentage of the contributions will be swollowed by the ever hungry burocracy with ridiculous salaries, benefits and pension  plans.

I have, should I live so long, about 10 years to retirement.  I have heard that I will not even be able to collect anything from the pension fund, or that the amount will be so small that it will be a waste of paper to print the cheque.  If anyone can dig up some actual numbers, please do.  The only thing I can find is the sunny figures they posted for those who work 40 years.

While most of the liberal media has painted a rosy picture of the pension fund, the national post hast been critical.


So, what do you think?  Will this help us out, or will it just add more hardship to employers and kill jobs?